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Maggie Fahey

Maggie Fahey


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Maggie’s roots and heart are in the beautiful state of New Hampshire – her lifelong home. Possessing a prestigious Summa Cum Laude distinction, she attained a dual Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing from The University of Maine, showcasing exceptional academic prowess. With a solid tenure spanning over five years, she has also diligently served as a Marketing Specialist, effectively laying the groundwork for her transition into the dynamic realm of real estate.

Maggie's strengths are woven into the fabric of her marketing expertise background, extensive local knowledge, and effective communication skills. These attributes, combined with her passion for real estate, empower her to offer valuable insights and unwavering dedication to her clients.

For Maggie, real estate is more than just the aesthetics of a home; it's a profound connection to the lives of the individuals who call it their own. Beyond that, Maggie finds passion in real estate playing a pivotal role in enhancing local communities, contributing to an improved quality of life for many. 

Her ultimate goal transcends mere transactions; rather, she aspires to make a lasting impact, enriching lives and enhancing communities with every endeavor. She remains steadfast in her commitment to excellence, dedicated to surpassing expectations and delivering unparalleled value to her clients.

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